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Partnership for Reform in Science and Mathematics (PRISM)

image for project PRISM Phase II PRISM Phase II is conducting research on strategies that lead to changes in the culture of science and mathematics education where dimensions of culture include policies, practices, partnerships, and resources. Research studies in PRISM Phase II are producing further evidence of how and to what extent distinctive PRISM Phase I strategies - K-16 Professional Learning Communities, Culture of Higher Education and a Public Awareness Campaign - give rise to these four key elements of holistic cultural change.

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Math and Science Family Night Video and Planning Guide

The Partnership for Reform in Math and Science produced this instructional video for running Math and Science Family Nights. In addition to the tips given in the video, supporting documents are offered, such as timeline, budget, and evaluations.

PRISM Phase II Research Presentations

This is a listing of PRISM Phase II Research Presentations made during Years 1 and 2 of the project

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PRISM Phase II: Linking Culture, Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Change Processes to Student Learning and Achievement

"This presentation describes the design and implementation of Georgia PRISM II research studies designed to link student success (undergraduate student achievement in introductory science and math courses) at 8 IHEs,…

Creating Awareness of the Importance of Science and Mathematics: The Georgia PRISM Public Awareness Campaign

"This study investigates the effectiveness of a public awareness campaign on parent involvement and student attitudes, perceptions and motivation in science and mathematics. The treatment includes Math/Science Family Nights (MSFNs),…

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